Dinner at the lighthouse -
A magical experience


Dinner Event at Faro Punta Imperatore

Faro Punta Imperatore is a magical place. During the day only the guests of the lighthouse hotel can enjoy the unique atmosphere. In the evening, when the light begins its work, it opens to everyone. You can reserve a table inside the lighthouse or on the spectacular terrace  for a gourmet dinner. 

The lighthouse dinner is an event. It begins with an aperitif on the rooftop terrace, which offers 240-degree views of the Mediterranean and almost  unbelievable sunsets.

As the beacon shines 24 miles across the sea, guests head to the two restaurant rooms or, in summer, the large lighthouse terrace to be pampered by chef Antonio Monti and his team.

Antonio Monti - The Lighthouse Chef

Antonio Monti is a son of the island. His parents run one of the best restaurants in Forio and recognised and encouraged Antonio's talent for cooking at an early age. He learned on the mainland from some of Italy's best chefs and is now returning to his island to build something very special at Faro Punta Imperatore. The Luci is a unique culinary experience, offering a contemporary take on gourmet dining and is a star in its own right.

Our local products

The fish is caught directly in front of the lighthouse. Some of the herbs and vegetables are harvested from the lighthouse garden. Those that don’t come from the lighthouse, Antonio has most delivered by a friend who studied agricultural science in Bologna and whose grandfather was once one of the biggest farmers on the island. Now, he has bought back one of these ancestral farms to plant old vegetable varieties, which he sells exclusively to the lighthouse team.

Join the experience!

Call +39 081 18181391 or send an email to luci@floatel.de to reserve your table at Luci and arrange a taxi to bring you to the lighthouse car park at 18:30.


From there, the journey is a spectacular experience – but please be aware it’s a 300m walk down 155 steps, which takes about 10 minutes. So, while the beautiful views and anticipation grows with every step, we recommend sturdy shoes and to be prepared to traverse back up after dinner at 23:00.


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Stay at the lighthouse!

The perfect day: During the day, enjoy the tranquillity and the spectacular views of the Lighthouse Hotel. In the evening, enjoy the sunset with an aperitivo on the roof terrace, dine on the gourmet dinner at Luci', and then retire to your wonderful hotel room.


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